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DAYUE Concept/理念




        With the technical force that has gone through a lot of trials and hardships


        Continuously Challenging Enterprises with Innovative Development




DAYUE Common Values/共同的价值观

  • DAYUE Business Concept / 经营理念

  • Strengthen the sense of self-discipline as a member of society, through honest and honest business activities, to provide the necessary parts and services for society, while the company's development, improve staff welfare and contribute to society.


  • DAYUE Vision / 愿景

  • In daily work, every employee contributes to the realization of a safe and warm society where people can live comfortably through the practice of 'discovering, thinking and expanding'.


  • DAYUE WAY / 方向

  • 始终以客户至上

    Always customer first

    Always strive to be an original Challenger

    Always consider giving full play to collective energy

    Always look at the world, down-to-earth

    Always thinking systematically and vigorously


  • DAYUE Vision/愿景

  • With the technical force that has gone through a lot of trials and hardships


  • Continuously Challenging Enterprises with Innovative Development


  • The corporate image pursued by DAYUE


  • Technology/技术

    Through unremitting hard research, relying on technical force, especially in the field of parts and accessories independent research and development technology to lead the world.


  • Market/市场

    Master the changes of market structure and environment beforehand, and achieve common development with customers by providing high-performance parts and accessories.


  • People/员工

  • Through the company's business to provide employees with a platform to realize their dreams and ideals, to contribute to the health and happiness of people around the world.

  • 通过公司业务向员工提供实现梦想与理想的平台,为世界各地人们的健康与幸福做贡献。


DAYUE is China's leading products in the fields of mould parts, mechanical parts, machine parts,non-standard parts, 

medical parts, optoelectronics and aviation parts, providing customers with price advantages, quality advantages 

and delivery advantages. Dayue Seiko insists on innovation around customer needs, increases investment in basic research, 

accumulates rich and develops thin, and promotes world progress. Founded in 1996, Dayue Seiko is located in Songshan Lake 

High-tech Development Zone, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, with business in many countries and regions both at home and abroad.


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                                                                                         ±0.001 High Precision Mirror Parts

                                                                                          Import ( High Speed Steel)

                                                                                          Hardness above 80 degrees

                                                                                          Smoothness Ra0.2